Subject: More pix from the Finnerty Files...
Here are some HOUSTONCON 71 courteys of Ken Finnerty...
Yours truly, The Schooner and Glenn Kessler....
That's Dan Lubbock and the Schooner chatting with
Kirk Alyn. HOUSTONCON '71 marked the very
first appearance of Kirk at any convention.
The Bon confers with unwary customers who warn
they'll "...go straight to da cops!!"

Impossible!! Superboy (Ken Donnell) and Superman
(Kirk Alyn) together!!
Introducing Kirk to the gathered throng at Houstoncon '71
More photos from The Finn of Houstoncons '73 & 74:
Director William Witney at Houstoncon '73

Eric and Willie behind the Roy's Memory Shop table
(--wher are those one-sheets today??)

Walter Irwin as The Spirit at Houstoncon '74

(1976) Willy, Ken and Rick
(1972) Rick and My Bigman
(1973) Don Newton and Russ Cockran

(1974) Robert Brown
Tony at Houstoncon '76
Roy, Earl, and GB at Houstoncon '83

Door Prize Multicon 1972

Time to jump in the Way-Back Machine once again for a few more photos of Houstoncon '71 from the Finnerty Files....

Kirk Alyn arrives at the airport (Hobby??) for the convention....

.....and is greeted by several Houston fans!!

That's Bill Wallace manning his table in the dealer's room. Hard to see in the pic, but behind him are one-sheets for MIGHTY JOE YOUNG and THE NEW ADVENTURES OF BATMAN AND ROBIN SERIAL. On the table, are dozens of Golden Age Timely comics including CAPTAIN AMERICA, THE HUMAN TORCH and MARVEL MYSTERY.

More Houstoncon '71 dealer's room action. When you look at these photos today, it's astonishing at the caliber of quality posters, comics and collectibles that were being sold.....all at a fraction of what they would bring today.

It's Glenn foraging through a box of one-sheets in a dealer's room...

Not only was Superman at Houstoncon '71, so was Blackhawk!! Kirk posed for pics in a costume that belonged to "Bronco" Bob Mitchell.

Pro comic book artist and fandom great Don Newton, who died far too young. Don regularly contributed artwork for Houstoncon program books, ads and door prizes gratis....

Kirk receives his Houstoncon plaque in appreciation for his portrayals of Superman and Blackhawk. Deservedly, he earned the title, "The Last of the Serial Kings."

DeWayne (aka Dr. Zarkov) contemplates buying a 16mm print from Bill Del Valle at a Mini-Con. Is that Weege in the foreground??

Yours truly poses with a Lee Van Cleef look-alike at a Dallscon....1979?? 1980??

Angry Red Planet

Houstoncon '70 see if you can name any we do not have listed so we can list them here.

Roy and Earl (Boy were they young compared to the pic above for 79 or 80)

Roy Bonario HoustonCon Father and founder of Condom's!!

Bill Wallace

Bill, Gene, Roy ???

Is it Donnell, Donell or Donale, oh the heck with it, it is Ken.

Earl, Roy, Gene Arnold

Wallace, Arnold, Blair, Mckinnon.
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