Here are a few more pix I've retreived from the Bijou archives which you may enjoy:

Willie and jungle queen Kay Aldridge in St. Louis (1980). That's Merill McCord and Alan Barbour behind the table.
Glenn at Roy's Memory Shop -- July, 1976. Note the PHANTOM serial one-sheet behind Herr Kessler.
Kirk Alyn, Wilene and Ken Donnell at the Castaways restaurant in 1974. An exceptional restaurant with a breathtaking view of the San Fernando Vally, the Castaways burned to the groun din the mid '80s.
Houstoncon '74 - Johnny Fischner and wife, the Schooner and Walter Irwin appearing quite jovial during the Costume Contest/Party.
The Bon, Scott Blair, Roy Jr. and Alan Barbour at Disneyland in May, 1980.
Old Shazam-EH
Keeper of All Knowledge
Rock of Eternity, TX
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