Pictures from the 70's

William Benidict
(Capt Marvel Serial)
HoustonCon 73

Frrank Coughlan Jr.
(Capt Marvel Serial as Billy Batson)
HoustonCon 73

Randy (John) Murphy
HoustonCon 73

Pat Boyette and Fred Himes
Spectrum Con

Dave Sharpe
HoustonCon 73

Pat Boyatte
Rudy Rankins
Spectrum Con

The only known surviving picture of Chuckles the Clown -- taken at the Bijou Theatre with Dan's kids.
C.C. Beck, Don "Red" Barry and Jocko judging the costume contest at Houstoncon '75.
At the St. Louis convention: Allan Easterling, Glenn, Wilene, and Harry Thomas.
The Bon with daughter Cindy....
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